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Default Drifting down to goal... this is what I was told to do

We have 3 Dieticians at my job... I'm a RN who works in ICU through a Nursing agency.
Anyways, my friend Helen who is a very sweet lady tells me how great I look. I haven't worked for 2 weeks because my Mom was getting sick again and I decided to take some time off and see what I could do. So she sees me and says that I definitely look like I've lost more weight! I did... I had lost 5.5 lbs. in those past 2 weeks.

I tell Helen what I'm doing but after talking with all of you here on this Forum I realize that I would like another approach to losing weight. Her suggestion was get off of the Weight Watcher Plans totally and just count calories. What she said was interesting. She asked me my height, what I wanted to REALLY weigh and then she did her calc. Well, she says that I should eat what I need to eat to "Maintain" my weight in the future. She says why diet? Just let your weight drift down but exercise! If you get out and go to the gym in a year's time you should be at goal. That's in 80 lbs. I weighed today and lost a half pound. TOM will be here soon so I'm fine with any loss, trust me!

I was wondering if there is any calculator that does estimate how long it would take to achieve a weight loss counting calories. I think I might be ok with a year to get these 80 lbs. off if I really stick with it. As of today I have 55 lbs. off in 28 weeks.
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