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Hmm you know I don't think I am treated too much differently other than...

When I visit my family, they get all excited about seeing my weight loss. They make a fuss and really I wish they wouldn't

Former coworkers get all excited when I see them and again I wish they wouldn't make a fuss.

My current coworkers make somewhat of a fuss but they also didn't know me at my highest weight.

My former best friend and I have a strained relationship and partially it is from my weight loss. She thinks that I am a prima donna or something due to my weight loss. Maybe it is the attention/fuss that my family makes that she doesn't like? I don't know.

My in laws make somewhat of a fuss, my mother in law wishes she could lose weight but she struggles.

Do I notice attraction from men? Not really but I've never noticed attraction from men. I am oblivious to attraction.

I don't really notice people being nicer to me or anything but I don't ever think people were not nice to me? Who knows.

So really I do get some extra attention but I wish I didn't.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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