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I think people are nicer to me in general after the weight loss, which is not something I really WANT to acknowledge but it seems to be true. And yes, that could be because I'm friendlier and more outgoing. But strangers treat me differently as well.

As for male attention, I do certainly get more now but it's not always welcome! I teach teenagers after all, and their attention is not something I ever had to worry about when I was heavy. Then, I was more of a "mother" figure, I suppose, instead of a reasonably attractive woman. So there's been some awkwardness with that. I've seen so many other female teachers handle it (both well and not so well) but I never had to worry about it.

My family treats me a little differently. For one thing, my weight loss is ALWAYS a topic of conversation. I don't live near them, so I only see them every couple of months, and somehow they're shocked all over again every time they see me. Eventually I suppose they'll get used to it.

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