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I am taking the Phentermine along with weekly Adenosine inj w/ B12. Dr supervised. This is not a fly by clinic that has popped up. It is a local well know clinic in our small town. Several in our town are all on this diet. To get your RX refilled you have to visit the dr. Just pop in once a week for injections. I have lost 24 lbs. in 2 months. Adenosine is is something that our body already produces and it is used to treat fatigue. Those patients saw their waistlines getting slimmer and that is why it is being used in weightloss. (that is how she explained briefly) Dr requires us to journal our food and exercise. follow a 1200 calorie diet (similar to a diabetic plan) although I do not follow the diabetic plan, I try to stay close. And exercise is required 3x week, but she prefers 5x.
I am taking a water pill...after the first month on the phentermine my BP increased slightly and I was retaining too much fluid on my legs. I only take 1/2 HCTZ when I have that tight feeling (like my rings) about every other day. I have not been dehydrated and my BP was lower this last visit. I am still holding a little more water than she would like, so I will continue the HCTZ another month and see how it goes.

I know all of the horror stories about phentermine, but I think that I am being well supervised. If I can get my weight down to a reasonable weight I expect to gain some back when I stop the meds, but also, I have, as a result of the medical care, the know how and the want to, to monitor my eating habits and control what I eat and how much I gain back...something that not even WW was successful teaching me.
10-16-07 started Adenosine w/b12 injections weekly with 37.5mg phentermine daily. Physician supervised monthly. 1200 calorie diet and daily exercise.
11-13-07, first weight check****14 lbs down
12-11-07, second weight check**10lbs more
total of 24 lbs!
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