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Default 30 Something Chat Mon. Nov. 26th


Back to the grind today! Just finished my workout, gave DS breakfast, gotta get in the shower. Raked leaves and did yard work on Sat. Yesterday we decorated for Christmas. Put up a fake tree this year, we thought we's give it a try since we always get real ones, and I got a 7 ft. tree on clearance for 8.00 last year. Well, the kids weren't happy about it, but when they started decorating it, they got into it. It's not a big as the trees we get, but it looks nice and it's saving us 45.00, not to mention allergies & clean up!!!

hey, I weighed myself today, and I'M ONLY UP 4/10 OF A POUND!!! I can't believe it after two days of eating turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and desserts!!! Fantastic!!! I thought it would be at least 3-4 pounds...esp. considering it was TOM & I was eating like a PIG!!

GG-so great about the gym!!! Proud of you!!!

Alicia-glad you had a good time. My brother & his wife drove from TX to PA
(30 hours one way) they left Tues. Night and got back ome last night...ugh! I'm so glad the rest of my family is within 20 mins. of us! HOpe you recover!

Hanna-hope you are feeling better...gotta get in shape for your BBQ this weekend, right?

HOpe everyone else had a good weekend...

Cleaning day today...better get in the shower & get started. Have a great day all!!
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