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Hi! My husband and I just joined s4l a few days ago and are starting the 3 days of misery tomorrow, at least that is what is seems it will be...a few eggs, meat and raw vegis for 3 days!!!! Yikes. I am a food lover and I am almost in a state of depression over the thought of being restricted from so many of the foods that I love.
I found that the counsolor was very tight liped about the program until we signed up and then she told us what the first three days would be and that we would find out what we could eat after that at the nutrition class, so...I feel like I'm going into this diet without much info. Sounds like it's alot of carb restriction?? again I say...yikes.
Does anyone have any tips on the first three days?? Can you have carrots? It doesn't say no or yes on the sheet.
Please, someone...tell me I will live through these first days!!!
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