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I don't have any comments about the product, I've not checked into it. I just wanted to stick my nose in about that last thing you said, that the sales woman at GNC told her she'd noticed a difference even without dieting.

Keep in mind that the sales force at shops like that are just doing their job... making sales. They will always tell you a product works. They're well trained, and hyped up. They get all their information from "above", which ultimately comes from the manufacturers who's goal is to sell massive quantities of products. They can't do that unless they can convince you they work.

For that reason, I never trust sales people in general, lol! Get information from them, but come home and look for unbiased opinions and first hand experience. Like you are doing now. I hope someone here is familiar with the product and able to help.

Btw, I did a search on it but the only things I could find were sites that sell it, and an odd message on a body building forum which was sponsored by supplement manufacturers. That's not a good sign.

Unfortunately, since this item is a "supplement", it is not regulated, so they don't have to be approved by the FDA and their claims don't have to be proven unless they make medical claims such as curing a disease. Dietary supplement manufacturers are not required to demonstrate that their product is safe or effective. Dietary supplements are assumed to be safe unless the FDA can prove they are not. However, the FDA doesn't generally test them, so it's a catch-22.
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