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Last year even before I was dieting I gave out candy I didn't like. They were sour gum balls that looked like eye balls! I still have some in a cup from last Halloween.

Yes, I looked forward to Halloween too but my mom used to take my sister's and mine bag, dump it into a huge bowl and put it at the very top of the cupboard and then give us a piece of candy at a time! Now, who was the "wicked witch" in that scenario? Just kidding, Mom, but seriously a lot of very health-conscious parents are relieved when they get something besides candy. They too feel "pressured" to comply with their kid's demands as well.

I have decided though to wait until the day before Halloween before buying my candy. I like the idea of boxes of raisins but I have too many kids come to the door. I would be broke trying to give them each a mini box of raisins.

In the mean time, I will keep it out of my mouth and in their bag. I would rather enjoy seeing how happy they are than how unhappy I will be if I gain weight. After all, whose the kids here?
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