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When I saw this I had to reply! I actually had success with it back in 1975. I went on it after I had my daughter. She was about 6 weeks old. I lost the 14 lbs that I remember was "promised". I went off of it after that because I remember it being hard but I have to preface by saying every diet to me seems hard so don't let that put you off.

It seemed to jog something in my metabolism because I don't remember going on a specific diet although I did join an exercise class, which didn't amount to anything more than leg lifts and sit ups and the college office secretary taught it!! How things have changed!

Then, I had to fullfill two P.E. courses at the community college I was attending so I took up golf and tennis. I also completed a short run about four months later. All I remember is that it was the start of me losing 69 lbs and then I kept that off for five years. Maybe, it was youth, keeping busy, or something but that is what I recall.
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