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Just to report that I"m still using the service.

Now that I'm used to portions, I've started cutting back to TWO meals a day, four days a week, and using the other three days to sort of see if I can keep on portion-control. I've lost 11 pounds since I started, and having learned what I really enjoy, I just order those things.

Breakfast: I've stuck to the BEW (egg whites, turkey bacon slice, sprinkle of low-fat cheese, with 2 low-fat waffles and a small container of Smuckers sugar free syrup) or the spinach frittata with pancakes or waffles. Thier breakfast burrito is yummy (egg whites, turkey bacon, low-fat cheese, beans in a tomato wrap). But I still find the BEW the most filling of all, and keeps me satisfied longest.

I decided I prefer my own homemade oatmeal, which I make with half-water, half-milk and add oat bran for thickening and extra fiber.

Lunch: The beef or chicken or egg white burrito, the popeye chicken wrap. The chicken pita

Dinner: lemon asparagus chicken (so good, I order it a couple times a week or three time, sometimes), steak with mushroom, chicken florentine, chicken penne pasta, chicken teriyaki.

Sides: My faves are the sweet baked plantains, the mashed sweet potatoes, the black beans, the steamed asparagus, and the steamed veggies. Don't like their brown rice.

Dessert: The tiramisu (low-fat, no sugar) is the best. I wouldn't bother with the sugar-free cakes (sometimes fresh, sometimes a little stale). The fruit bowl is delicious, but I'd rather make it myself.

I wish they had more good solid vegetarian offerings. I like eating vegetarian several days of the week.

But it's been a great plan to teach me portions and give me savory meals that are re-educating me in portions.

I've already begun making some of the things myself (ie, weaning off), like my own BEW made at home with fresh egg whites, turkey bacon, 2% shredded cheddar from Kraft, and low-fat, high fiber waffles from the freezer section of my grocery store. (Granted, the Healthier Choices to Go waffles are REALLY REALLY nice and their high-protein pancakes are good. Even my hubby likes them and he's mister finicky.).

I'm really satisfied with this delivery service (nice and flexible about how many meals, how many days of the week, etc), but I wish their menu offered more variety. AFter a while, it does get boring (like probably most delivery services).

But fresh food beats frozen EVERY time, hand down. And I haven't suffered the bloating one might get from just eading pre-processed (ie frozen dinners, canned soups). The HCTG stuff is not high in sodium, and that's great for my BP.

BTW...I've been eating snacks in addition to the regular meals, so I add at least 400 calories more to what they deliver. Just so you know. Eating three regular meals by them and no more would likely mean a much faster loss.

Okay, hope this bit of reporting helps.

Enjoy, everyone. ONWARD AND...DOWNWARD!
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