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Thanks Sirak, I wish you could come too. It'll be up thru Oct. 31 if you are passing through let me know.

My opening was fantastic. I was so so pleased with how it all came together. No apologies, I just loved the way the work looked. So many people came and were so complimentary of the work it just made me happy. I heard myself say several times, "It's the happiest day of my life." I think that came from acknowledging the fact that the hard work was finally over, I don't have to worry about it anymore. Plus the fact that so many friends came to see me and the work. Just a very warm fuzzy feeling.

I am ever so slowly unpacking boxes and putting my kitchen back together. I still haven't unearthed the pots and pans but I have managed to get my diet back where it needs to be this week for the first time of any extended period since it all fell apart. I have done some sort of exercise every day as well. I am still working to get back up to speed on my consistency with the really intense workouts but it's coming. Lot's of water weight gone too!

We are at mid-semester now. I am teaching a class this semester that is taking an immense amount of preparation time as I am finally joining the 21st century and making powerpoint presentations instead of showing slides. Very time consuming, but after this first semester it will be easier.

Hope you survived your company Sirak. Company is distracting, isn't it? Hope the meeting for your son went well. Have you posted a recent picture?

Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you about the great breakfast I have been making lately. For years it seems I have been having oatmeal, cottage cheese and blueberries and raspberries for breakfast. Now that summer is gone the berries aren't cheap. They really never have been but at my store they recently took a price hike. Instead I have been cutting up half a nectarine to include. Since I make batches of oatmeal I nuke the nectarine and oatmeal for a couple minutes and then add cc and splenda. It is so good, like peach cobbler kind of.

Chick, how's that spinning class going?

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