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Ledom, I am excited about the new show opening and hope all went well. IThis journey has been a hard one-but in the end you ended up learning something about your art.I wish I could come and see it.
I got 30 minutes in yesterday. Today is a meeting at the school for my son's learning issues and my parents are coming down( which makes everything crazy),Lunch is planned tuna salad- but everything goes out of control when you throw in "the some day to be" Ex and my parents.
I want things to calm down. We have three weeks DS13 cannot play football until he gets his American History grade up.DH has some trips coming up so he won't be dropping in as much. Cooler temps mean the grass will hopefully stop growing as much ( meaning less mowing).I want a couple of days to sit and watch everything I have Tivo'd in the last two weeks before the DVR runs out of room.
I do have a couple of tomato plants that are growing crazy and have 30 fruit showing. We had this happen last year and had tomatoes in the window sill until the week before Christmas.
I have to go and get ready for this thing-It is in an hour !

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