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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Welcome KylieH! I haven't actually done the Making the Cut workouts yet - but I did the ones from Winning by Losing a few times. I think pretty much all of us modified the workouts to some extent to suit our specific needs/issues. For me - the biggest take away that I learned from Jillian is building a habit of exercise. I think her advice is amazing, and I learned most of what I know about weight training from her books. My modification was to cut out the cardio during the circuits. I know it's pretty central to her plan, but for me I would rather spend more time in the gym and focus on my form. I get plenty of cardio in outside of my weight training.

sirak - so sweet!! Keep that spot warm, cause I'm comin'. WTG on a new bra...nie NSV.
BTW - there's nothing wrong with practicing maintenance when the schedule gets too hectic.

ledom - I'm sure you'll rawk that new sweater. And your show is gonna be amazing. You put so much into it - hard work always shows.

So my big move of the week was to cut out Ice Cream. It was outta control. Friday I polished off a 1/2 gallon in one shot. It actually feels pretty good, I feel like I have a little more control. Today was back day. The workout was good. Tomorrow is a rest.
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