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Ledom- You can bring it back to where it is supposed to be !Get those black pants and hang them in the pantry where you can see them. Stop going to the cookie/ cracker aisle in the grocery store. The pendulum has swung one way and now it can swing back.Remember how empowered you felt after 30 days of Jillian ? You can do this !The house is back together, your show is just about out there- the next new project is you !

Barcelona ? Um Brandy and Coffee time ! Cindy you are a gorgeous bride !I think you are probably gorgeous in real life too ! He's a handsome guy and I hope you are having a wonderful time !

Hey Chick I am saving you a spot right here---> next to me in the 150's. I'm somewhat stuck and unsure where I am going- but it better not be up !

My NSV today was going to buy a bra at Victoria's Secret and finding that I was now a C cup. I had measured out at 40( down from 44 in May)- but who would have thought the girls had lost an entire cup size too !
I did well two weeks ago and managed 3 workouts in one week. Last week was bad. I had a sore glute for a couple of days, Football consumed an entire day and then suddenly I was getting ready to go away for the weekend.
This week is not any better. I have pretty much mapped out my time and between meetings at the school, football( kills the afternoon) and a visit from DD21's BF thiscoming weekend. I am not seeing a whole lotta free time. I am going to stick to it somehow and get my time in . I have to maintain at least until I can get the diet back on the straight and narrow. When I stopped writing my food all of those nasty snack monsters came out- plus it is just a busy time.
I forgot to update the subscription when the thread changed and nothing was showing up as new post when I checked under user CP. Then I saw that the last person to sign onto the thread was Suzanne ( doh). I am going to stick the link right now before I forget.
and Ledom- find those black pants !


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