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Me again. Hey girls, I really need some support. I am on an all out binge. The worst one in years. I can't seem to stop. It is all tied into that, I am going to start tomorrow and so today I will have a last fling. Except I can't get beyond the fling. It's bad. I am ready to stop. I know it is going to be hard. Things are on the verge of being in good shape. My show is half hung. Opens Tuesday, a lot still to do but I can manage it and best of all the end is in sight. The kitchen is done. I can't quite get to my boxes of the contents of my kitchen but I can start over the weekend. My mom is adjusting beautifully and seems pretty well, I am visiting her every weekend. My daughter and her SO have moved into my Mom's house. They are too close, meaning they can drop in whenever they need something. On one hand it irritates me but mostly I love it. They've still got a lot of growing up to do and now I feel I have two children instead of one. My love life.... well if you could even call it that, is kind of fun right now. Oh, work is making me very crazy, it is unstable and has kept me upset the last couple of days. So, help me get back on track! Please!

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