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Originally Posted by miradoblackwarrior View Post
Hi, y'all--
I'm curious about spaghetti squash. I'm trying to go low carb, and it was one of the suggestions for veggies. I know nothing about it. How do you make it? Is it storeable or freezable? How many servings do you get in one squash? And how do you know when it is ripe (or is that not an issue)?

ANY info would be swell!

Many thanks!
Susan, We planted spaghetti squash this summer. We had it running out of our ears. I cook it one of two ways. First way is to cut it, scoop out the seeds, put it cut side down in a glass dish with a little water, cover with plastic wrap and microwave for about 20 minutes for one half, 30 minutes for both halves. Check it every so often to make sure you aren't overcooking it. It should be soft, but not mushy. I also cook it in the oven (around 375 - 400) on a cookie sheet cut side down in a little water. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes (I'm estimating - I haven't actually timed it.) A friend of mine cooks it whole after puncturing it with a knife a few times.

You can freeze it. I have frozen it in a recipe and alone, and it is rather watery when you thaw it, so I would expect it to be watery if frozen in a recipe. I would estimate that a whole one has four - five big servings.

If it's in the store it's ripe. If you are harvesting it, you will pick it when the vine near the squash starts to die down. They don't continue to ripen after you remove it from the vine.

My favorite recipe is with chicken spaghetti, a southern comfort food. It has rotel tomatoes, red peppers, mushrooms, chicken and cheese. After saving all of the calories I would normally get from the pasta, I can splurge a little on cheese.

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