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Exactly, 2Cute, that is how I feel too. ALL the things I want are good so why don't I do it. I have done many hard things in my life before but this one seems to have me stuck. And don't say I am not ready....I hate that excuse. Why don't I make the effort? Maybe I don't really care?????

Kat I want the freedom of movement again. To move through life gracefully. Mow, rake, paint, run, play, shop, and DANCE.

Maybe I just haven't exercised with any regularity or DANCED lately to remind myself how great that feels.

I do have many issues in my life right now and I guess I have let them dominate ME lately. ding ding ding....These things depress me, make me sad, and guess what ....lead me to the couch and food. Looks like I need to make some lists of what I love to do and what is good for my body and make those #1. (like I didn't know all this - senior moment - that lasted for a LLLOOONNNGGG time)

2Cute I know you, like me have a parent or parents in a nursing home. As much as I know it is the right thing in my Dad's situation it doesn't help the guilt and saddness I feel. The whole thing zaps me of a lot of my energy. While typing this, maybe when it gets warmer (28 here now) when I visit him during the week I will take him for a walk. Pushing his wheelchair has got to be good overall exercise.

I just have to think and "be" smarter about my body and health.
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