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Talking It's me again.

Well I have woken up since I last popped in. and I know it is Thursday now. LOL . I could not be online earlier because they were suppose to deliver the box spring and mattress for my daughters room and they were suppose to call before they came. Well, they never called.. but they did show up.

Oh my God....It is like sleeping on a cloud in heaven !!!!!
It is WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!
There is no way this bed is leaving this house... I just may move into that room myself. LOL IT IS SOOOOOO SOFT !!!!!!
Just thought you would like to know.

I am definitely going to have to go buy new sheets. The mattress is soooo thick that I don't think my sheets will fit. LOL. I had to take the old headboard completely out of the room because only a little bit showed... and it looked plum stupid. LOL

I almost have to run and "jump" to get on it...LOL... but what a soft landing. Ahhhhhh
Can you tell I am a happy camper.

Now if only hubby and I had that nice set on our new bed frame.
LOL ... we are stuck with the old set. Oh well... I am still happy.
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