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Talking I bought one !!!!

Hi guys or rather gals. LOL

I am totally worn out. My legs hurt beyond description.
I left here this morning to go make a final decision about my bedroom furniture... and just had to look at 4-5 more stores.... just in case they had something better. LOL
Well, I did find something better.
After chasing the ENTIRE day I finally signed my jane doe on a new set at 8:30pm. I am sooooooo sore. My legs just ache.
But.. I am very happy with my choice. And I am very excited about painting and getting a new bedspread and the works.
I have had this bedspread since 1980. The furniture even longer. And it was used when we bought it from a relative. LOL
I made the mistake and took my husband to see the final 2 choices ... and he found a recliner he loved... so now I am also the proud owner of a new recliner too. LOL

Kat... I guess we both spent a LOT of money today. LOL
I am a longgggg time owner of a Kirby. I have had mine since 1980 so yes it will last forever. I did not buy mine. My husband bought if for me for christmas 1980. I DID NOT WANT IT.
I hate house work... and it was more to make him happy than me. Bless his heart... he tries... but a husband should not "surprise" his wife with household tools.... especially if she HATES cleaning house. LOL

Mary... those cookies sounds sooo good.
I can't wait to try them.

And JEN... bless your heart. I know how you feel. We all have been there. That is the same reason so many of us just quit trying. BUT DON'T YOU !!!! I know you want a quick solution... but if you go and read success stories... "the norm" is only a pound a week for most... and even less sometimes. If you watch these slimfast commercials.... they brag they lost 30 pounds in just 6 months. That is only 5 lbs a month. So please hang in there.

Thin... One bad day does not change the fact that you had two wonderful days. Just get back on track and then you can brag how you did great all week except for only one bad day.

QueenB... thanks for starting the new thread. You did great.
Hopefully I will see all of you tomorrow.
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