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Hi everyone.. I'm rosey from alaska..i know meowee from the dieting for diabetics thread..she suggested i join here with all of you..first im 58, married to the same man for 38 yrs..i have 2 daughters who are married to great guys and 4 beautiful grkids..we live in rural alaska south of anchorage on the kenai penninsula.. we have lived here for 31 yrs and luv it.. we built our own log home and share it with a golden retrievier and amixed breed jack russel terrier and one parakeet..i love to do all sorts of crafts,quilting,beaded jewelry,scrapbooking etc etc( doing crafts keeps me sane)my kids say my house has lots of "crafty fluffs" an avid reader from R.Ludlum,Wilbur Smith to Nora Roberts and anything inbetween..i also watch Young and the restless every day and like reality tv shows and old doris day movies and comedys..i have had a problem with my weight all my life.. when i became a diabetic a started to pay more attention to my diet..i currently follow ww with a lower carb counting.. as far as exercise.. well im allergic to it but like to dance to rock and roll music..i have lost 36# since april( and i had gained 12#'s back and have since lost that again)i hope to stay healthy and loose more..hopeing to get to know u all rosey

updated Jan 2014
the only things that have changed is the dogs and me lol
we now have 4 very spoiled fur babys,sadie a black lab,daisey a jackrussell cross,Tootsie a 2# chihauhau,and pepper a chihauhau pom cross. I have been on quite a journey,and with my familys,friends doctors and nurses and therapists I am now becoming more independent. im handicapped permanently paralyzed from the knees down.
5 yrs ago I had back surg becus I woke up and was paralyzed from the waist down,and was medivacted to anchorage,after the surg I got the feeling back to my knees.
2. my wound opened up and I got mersa and the fight for my life began I was in the hosp 5 months,went thru rehab and came home in a wheel chair.
3. at home I was totally dependent on my dh,home health care nurses etc. I gained 70# on my already 300# body and became house bound. I hated being a burden.
4. I decided to have bariatric surg,and 6 months later after all the tests etc I had my dr blessing and had the surg in anchorage
5. I began to loose rapidly,on a high protein very restricted eating pattern. I was able to get out of the wheel chair and used a walker,and became more independent, I could now stay by myself with a lift chair,shower bench and other gizmos. I learned slowly what worked for me and got back much of what I used to do,just did them in a new way.
6. I lost 137# and kept it off for 2 yrs. I had a lot of excess skin and so I had atummy tuck which removed another 32#.
7. these where not easy decisions nor was the journey to now always easy,but I would do it again to get where I am now.
8. im not on any diabetic meds any more. 2 weeks after the surg I was off them and my a1c holds steady at 5.2 one gets any where of purpose in life without help and I had an abundance of that. im thankfull for them and each day is a bright promise that I will be here tomorrow.. im so greatful and even tho im alittle bit broken I'm enough.

I am enough!

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