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First name : Ellen
Meaning of user name: Nickname around the family
Geographical location: Pasadena, CA
Age: 57
Marital Status: married/30 years
Children/Ages: daughter/25
Occupation: work with husband
Pets: six dogs! A full time job
Hobbies/Interests: reading mysteries, movies, worrying,
Height: 5'7''
Eye/Hair Color: blonde/blue
Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: Today, September 21, 2007
Starting Weight/Present/Goal Weight: 215
Problem: Binge eating/compulsive overeating
Plan/Way of Eating: ? ? Calorie counting, non-processed foods
Favorite exercise Walking
Favorite movies: The In-Laws with Peter Falk, laugh everytime.
Favorite books/plays: The Prey Series/mysteries
Favorite Quote(s):
Favorite People (dead and living):
People I canít stand: myself mostly, everyone else has problems too.
Places youíve been: India, France all over the US.
Places you want to visit: Italy
Pivotís questions (donít think too long, answer as fast as you can)
01. What is your favorite word? grim
02. What is your least favorite word? cool
03. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? sincerity
04. What turns you off? cruelness
05. What is your favorite curse word? F***
06. What sound or noise do you love? laughter
07. What sound or noise do you hate? traffic
08. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? doctor
09. What profession would you not like to do? janitor
10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? You? come on in.
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