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I only have two states lately : hungry and not hungry. I used to blame my gall bladder for my ridiculous stomach aches, but then I finally gave myself a mental slapped a realized that was my third state - stuffed - which I've recently abandoned. Yes, I got the terrible stomach afflictions because I have no gall bladder and my liver is shot, but I was doing it to myself by gorging like an animal.

Sometimes, like for the last week since I've been sick, I don't get hungry at all. Then I force myself to eat something every 4 hours. I have a feeling that once I get over this bought of whatever, I'll temporarily find a new marker : starving.

For the most part, though, since I've gotten my eating under control, it's either hungry or not. I deal with my body's lag time on recognizing fullness by eating small amounts while I'm cooking my children's dinner. Like, I'll cook my fish while I'm making their pasta, and I'll eat it while I'm cooking their fish. If I'm still hungry, I'll nibble on the veggies while I'm getting their plates ready. Then, while they're eating, if I'm still hungry, then I'll go for some pasta. It's not the most scientific method, but it generally seems to work. Since I'm pacing myself, my body can catch up and say 'not hungry' and I'll always have something to do so I won't feel obligated to eat that pasta.
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