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I too have had that feeling of being invisible. It always bothered the heck out of me. People would pass me by, overlook me and just totally ignore me. I used to wonder how anyone could possibly miss me, I was so incredibly wide at 287 lbs. I felt that I stood out so much - and yet I would go unnoticed so often. Creepy feeling.

But boy, I'm thinking Lizziness really latched on to something there with that comment. I'm wondering if that may have been the case with me as well. But I know for me, it just got to be a point where being so overweight was just too painful already, I was ready to deal with whatever being thin brought about. Visibility and all. And quite frankly, I'm finding it easier to deal with the issues of being thin and visible, as opposed to being fat and invisible.

Anyway, I am soooo glad to see you back again. We are seeing lots of folks returning here. What a good thing!!! I wonder if it's with the summer just about ending and a new season on the horizon. September is when I began my journey. I can't help but think of the fall as kind of a new beginning. It's the start of the school year and a time of renewal for me.

Whatever the reason, WELCOME back. I'm so sorry that you felt this way, but I think most of us here can relate. Please stick around. We need you here! Good luck to you as you continue on your journey.
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