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I think it depends on if these are physical cravings or mental ones. I was the biggest sugar junkie in the world, especially after meals and in the afternoon. I do South Beach and I don't have those cravings anymore (which amazes me and is SO nice). You might want to look at what you are eating and see if you can identify anything that is triggering those cravings. If you are eating a lot of fruit or starches (even healthy, whole grain ones), you might want to cut them back a bit. Or try moving them to a different time of day. Some people can't eat fruit or starches before lunch. Also, make sure you are getting a good amount of protein with every meal and snack, and eat beans, dairy, and LOTS of veggies to fill you up.

If it is psychological, it will be more difficult. If you don't mind artificial sweeteners, what about a diet soda, or sf yogurt? Some reduced fat triscuits with no sugar added peanut butter and a drop of no sugar added fruit preserves is yummy and feels like a real treat to me.
Hope this helps some.
Good luck!
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