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to 3FC!

You know, everyone always rags on 100 calorie packs and I definitely see why, but when I was working an office internship this summer, I would get the same hankerings late afternoon. Once, I didn't have my applesauce or yogurt or blueberries (or whatever) and a coworker tossed me the 100 calorie Oreos. And you know what? It did the trick! Now, I'm normally a whole foods kinda girl and wouldn't buy them because of the additives, but that one time it worked for me and kept me out of the real calorie bombs.

I do have a harder time with "plain old" fruit later in the day (I think because I eat so much every other time of day!), but I have found that these work pretty well:
-yogurt w/fruit
-applesauce with cinnamon
-string cheese
-fruit leather (kind of like an all natural Fruit Roll Up) or fruit snacks

2011- putting on the baby weight

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