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Hi everyone:
Where to begin =? I have read everyone's posts and probably won't remember much but here goes,

Karen- so glad that your scare wasn't heart and the thye Dr. could give you the right meds. I know what you mean about pain meds. putting you in lala land as well as makeing you sick. Not worth is usually. Glad you are on the mend. Sorry aabout your SIL and hope that her tests weren't as bad as first thought, and your daughter. Just keep praying.

Sally: Patches big day today. I know you will be concerned, but she will be fine and she will want to snuggle even more when she gets home, as you are her security blanket. Hard to believe that your GD is 12. Kids grow up so fast it seems. And the hotdogs sound good. I wouldmuch rather have a hotdog than a hamburge any day.

Peggy: You sound as hot and dry as us here in Fl. Actually maybe even higher temps. We haven't reached 100 where we are, close but not there. Kindergarten kids are fun, and they'll get used to the drill soon.

Maria: It must be a bit off-putting to not have any definitive answer as to just when Alan is leaving for NZ. And I keep thinking about you going into summer and we are moving toward winter. I am happy to report that so far, we haave not experienced any hurricane scares. But we have more time in the season. Happy Father's Day to Alan

Gloria: Glad you are feeling so much better. Tell Jack that I think a necklace with your stone would be better than a ring. A nice mounting, and right out there for everyone to see. : Sounds like you had a nice labor Day

Glenda: By now I'm sure you have your happy report back from your Blood work. It is always the waiting that gets to one. I'm happy you had a chance to spend some time with your 'flooded' friends. They certainly had a difficult time.

I gave up on the stenciling job and am looking for just the right border. The bathroom is all finished just waiting for the right border. We had a supper at the clubhouse for Labor Day. Lots of activities which we didn't partake in. DH had a good report from the Dr. with all his tests. That was a happy day yesterday.

Now I am off to the eye Dr. for a checkup. It seems never a dull moment.

Hi Trudy, and Bernice.

See you all later. Ann
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