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Well the Labor Day weekend is almost over and it was quite restful here.

Karen: Oh my, chest pains are a scary thing and although Pleurisy is painful at least it wasn't a heart attack. I am glad they gave you the proper meds to help you....I know what you mean about pain meds making you feel out of it. A couple of Tylonol are sleeping pills for me.

Maria: There is a summit in Australia and Bush is coming...maybe you could invite him for you 'Father's Day Dinnner'. He won't want to come home! I know you didn't think it came out well enough but I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves and didn't notice anything wrong.

Slavika: I know you are feeling sorry for Patches going through the operation but I believe he will come through with flying colors and be his regular self in no time. Boy your GD is 12! It doesn't take long for kids to grow.

Peggy: Boy another school year...doesn't seem possible but it is! Although
the kindergarden kids are slow I bet they are a lot of fun to watch going
through the line and having new adventures in school.

Glenda: Hope the blood test came back with good news. It is the waiting that is the problem.

Trudy and Bernice: Hope you are having a great weekend/Holiday.

Tomorrow I will see the urologist and find out what my bloods show and I will bring her the 'gift' of my 'stone'. Jack wanted to mount in in a ring and gave him a BIG NO THANKS.

Take care all!
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