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We are having a nice quiet Labor day today. We went to a church dinner in Indiana like we always do on Labor Day. About the only time all year that I eat fried chicken. Those country church people do a good job. It has been so hot and I forgot what rain is. We are in a bad drought. School has been busy and very hot. One of our workers quit so I picked up another day. We added kindergarten this year and they are so cute but slow going through the lunch line. P had viral pneumonia last week so we had to go watch him Friday. He seemed fine to me. We had him and the dogs Sat and the dogs are still here. They are leaving tonight thank goodness. I am tired!!! And I guess that you can tell I am tired of being hot. It is going to be close to 100 again Weds.
Glenda I am sure you are going to hear good news about your blood test but I know that you are on pins and needles waiting to hear.
Karen I am sorry to hear about your sil and your dd. You do what you can. I hope that the lawsuit comes through and gives them some relief. That is so stressful. That had to be scary for you to go to the hospital with chest pains. I am glad it was not your heart but pleurisy is painful. Take good care of yourself.
Slavika I love a good hotdog. Gosh the princess is 12 already. Your son will be busy in a few years when the boys come around if they haven't already. Patches will be fine but I am sure you will be fussing over her. Now aren't you glad you decided to get her?
Maria your life is like musical chairs. You never know where you will land or when you will be going. You can use to time to catch up on your American book. I am sure your dinner was fine. Tell Alan Happy Fathers Day. Saw on the news the other night that Sydney is hosting some kind of summit with world leaders. Hope it all goes smoothly. Be glad you are not there.
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