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Originally Posted by Idealmuse View Post
Can you put the medication bottle by something you do every day? In front of the toothbrush? TV? Where you keep your shoes?
I was going to suggest the same exact thing. Every night, I take my Zoloft with my vitamins and I have them on my desk with my toothebrush so I won't forget them.

Mugs, hun, I know how you feel. Please hang in there. Maybe your medication needs changing or an adjustment? Call your doctor- there's no reason for you to live like this, hun. Anxiety and depression can suck, but there's help for it thank God. By any chance are you getting close to your TOM? That is the worst time for me, and it's usually when my anxiety/exhaustion strikes.

Muse is right- more exercise really, really helps. Even just walking in place- it totally relaxes your body and mind and reduces stress and anxiety. Swimming (or should I say, just playing, heh heh) in the water also relaxes me as well as dancing.

The medical condition I talked about in my "98 pounds to go" is Anxiety/Panic disorder- something that changed my life a bit drastically for awhile- twice within three years time. The first time I had one was back in June 2004, put on Zoloft, taken off in December that year. I did ok without the meds and thought I was over it.

To my utter horror, I had another attack last October (hence, my weight gain *sigh*). It was so bad that I was taken away again by ambulance to the hospital.

I ended staying the night because my heart was racing on and off all night and I just couldn't catch my breath. Although I wasn't depressed at the time it happened, the restrictions it put on my life until the medication started working (6 months- ugh!) caused me to become depressed. The doctor put me on Lorazepam for several months- it helped very little, and I told him back in March that I needed something better than this, and requested to go back on Zoloft. It took two months, but the Zoloft finally kicked in and I feel so much better now and don't think of my anxiety much at all now, except for when TOM is due, to which is very common among women from what I understand.

I became determined to not let it beat me and to not let it stop me from living a great life.

Hang in there, sweetie. Know that there are others out there going through the same- there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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