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I'm wondering if anybody's tried making your own pre-made/measured diet meals? I know it sounds like a lot of work but if there was a reference/cookbook type thing out there, it would be kind of cool to form a sort of network with other dieters and each cook a big batch of something healthy on the weekend, freeze in individual portions and switch around with each other!

My problem is I don't know any other dieters, my friends and family for whatever reason are ridiculously healthy. I was even thinking of advertising at Craigslist for like-minded do-it-yourselfers to form a diet cooking co-op and suport group, but I was thinking, how would I know if they were good cooks, or had clean kitchens, or if they were psychos or something?

Anyhow just an idea I've been kicking around. I love the convenience of pre-made & pre-measured meals, but with my familiy's finances it's just not feasible for mom to have her own grocery budget!
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