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So today I have excellent I like to refer to it when I'm having a day where I'm not on my last nerve. I still don't have a car...and with the damage toll rising it looks that I won't have one for probably another 3 weeks or so which means getting to the gym on my own time is not happening. I am however trying to bribe my friend who I worked out with for a while to get back on the horse and go with me so she can pick me up....she'll thank me in the end and she always drove when we went together anyway so I don't feel bad.

As far as work goes, the dragon lady is on vacation this week, as is apparently the rest of my office so I think I have the quietness here to thank for my current state of Chi. Even my assistant isn't in yet...poor thing, he was getting stressed out almost more than me having had to suffer a weeks worth of the dragon lady's wrath while I was at our national office in Texas...and quite frankly they don't pay him enough for him to get stressed out like that so I told him to just sleep in and come in late while everyone in the office that would care was on vacation...let him recoup a bit. He has no idea how easy he's got it with me for a boss. Anyway I'll be officially lodging my second formal complaint against her next week when everyone get's back...and yes that is the 2nd since I've been in this position which is less than 3 months. just awful.

Well as for being on plan...It hasn't been great with everything going on. I've been maintaining, not turning to food or overeating through it all which is good but it's not what I want to be doing. I feel like maintaining is just making me complacent. I haven't been tracking my food, haven't been eating 100% good things etc. Because of the car issue and not getting to the gym for that intense workout I feel sluggish. For me, just walking or working out at home or doing extra movement doesn't do enough for me...I need that atmosphere of being at the gym...makes me really push myself.

I'm on plan so far today, I've brought my lunch, I have no crazy lunch/dinner things on my schedule this week which is relieving! My goal for the day is to put everything into Fitday so I can try to get back in the habit of logging what I eat. My second goal is to try to convince my friend to go to the gym this evening, if she can't go I'm going to try to get in some exercise at home. Maybe some yoga can help me de-stress a bit. I'm really happy that it is a quiet week here, and that next weekend I have no plans, anywhere. I'll be staying home and just trying to recover from the mass hysteria that has been my last 3 weeks.
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