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Question Newbie to the forum with questions

Hi everyone!! I have been reading this forum for a few weeks now, and I wish I would have found you last year! I love the support. I have done LAWL last June until January of this year. I had lost 20 pounds from June to November with a few long plataeus, and finally gave up in January when I didn't want to buy more weight loss weeks for the third time. Reasons for quiting were that my two favorite counsellors quit, and I didn't like the remaining staff. I found they repeated questions why I stopped losing weight, and wouldn't try anything different to help me. They would say "we will see what happens next week." I had started on Gold w/lites, and then moved to Blue w/lites because of my early morning starts at work. I was getting so frustrated, so I took all my bars and tried to do it on my own. Well, that didn't work so well. Even though I had the knowledge, no one was on my *** to make sure I was sticking to the program. I am now back to where I started exactly. So after humming and hawing, I made an appointment with a different centre, and Monday morning, I will be part of the program again. This time, I will have this forum to help me, as I can find more answers here with an unbiased opinion. So now I have a question. I am REALLY debating buying the lites. I do have sweet cravings, and they have helped. But if they changed the formula to the bars (Caramel was my favorite!), I may want to try it without. I am not sure if my COD is on the new plans yet. How is everyone doing out there on the new plans with AND without the bars? I noticed that we can have ff pudding and jello. This would help the after supper sugar cravings. Are people still losing 2 pounds a week on the new plan? I lost very well on Gold the first month. I am very excited to get back on track, I just don't want to invest money on the bars if they may hinder my weight loss. Thanks for your help everyone, and I am glad to be aboard!!!
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