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Originally Posted by Misti in Seattle View Post
Okay... this IS the same as muscle weighing more than fat. Of course a
pound of each weighs the same... BUT if as you said a pound of muscle takes up 1/3 the space then it DOES indeed weigh more than fat. A 6" square blob of muscle weighs MUCH more than does a 6" square blob of fat. So if you have the same number of pounds of muscle you will be much smaller than if you have the same number of pounds of fat.
hehe i was actually going to say the same thing
but other than this one, the other ones are good^^
just one little thing though on number 6,
if you exercise in the morning before eating anything, you will start burning stored fat, so it's actually good to exercise, after that wait an hour to eat because you're still burning fat after the exercise. it's also good to exercise for example in the evening, in that way you'll burn the calories you've been eating that day, but better yet is to do both :P
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