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Jean, great to hear that Ryan has some feeling - even if it is painful at this point. We'll keep him in our prayer chain.

I am cheap - I don't buy memberships to BJs, Costco or Sam's because about once a quarter they have a "free" day when you can shop without a membership. So I go then. Those huge packages are just too much for us. Someone always has toilet paper or paper towel buy one get one free at the regular grocery stores so I don't stock up at the Clubs on those.

Faye, there are a lot of good wines now days that are relatively cheap. We have a winery here in Williamsburg that makes some great wine. I usually take it out of the bottle and put it in a glass jar with a screw top. Keeps just find and fits the fridge better.

It's supposed to be 98 degrees today - without taking the heat index into account. We now have warnings to limit driving because of the ozone buildup. I know it sure is hard for me to breathe out there.

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