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Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to fog and more humidity; the sun is supposed to shine later today so it will be even more sticky outside. Thank heavens for air conditioning! I have to make a grocery run for Bob. He is leaving for a 4 day fishing trip and volunteered to make breakfast for the guys. I don't understand the logistics, but they go up into Canada and loop back down so that they are actually staying in MN. The lakes are part Canadian and part U. S. -- the fish count is different for each. Here is the DUMB part . . . they can catch and keep more fish in MN water but have to cross Canadian water to get back to where they are staying. I'm not sure how they know which water they are in; I guess the fishing guide is supposed to know that.

"Gma" -- Ryan is scheduled for surgery on his neck tomorrow. I'm not sure if that is "good" or "bad" because there weren't any details with the update. I guess the doctors realigned his neck yesterday so he was more comfortable. I can't imagine what it must be like to watch your child (young or old) go through something like this! It's too bad your pool water isn't just a bit cooler. The lake has warmed up considerably and after being in the water it feels warm too. I think Ian would be in the water no matter what the temperature! He can be turning blue and have a fit because he has to get out of the water.

I need to get dressed and get going. Have a great day and big!

Jean -- in Iowa!
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