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Good morning ladies! I woke up to go to the bathroom, then came back to bed and had a sneezing attack. I got up and blew my nose, but made it worse because then I was all plugged up so I just decided to get up.

Jack and I have been going over to the pool every afternoon for about half an hour so he can cool off. Not much cooling off. The pool is so warm it is definitely not refreshing, but he says after a work day it is relaxing so we go. It is hard getting in and out of the pool because the metal of the step handles is so hot and the terra cotta tiles and the rest of the walking surfaces are blazing hot. I barely get out of the pool before my feet start burning. We have taken to putting our flip flops right next to the stair exit, but I still have to walk out of the pool to get to them.

Yesterday I walked over to the convenience store for something I needed then stopped at the liquor store to get a bottle of burgundy for "Faye's Stuff." He had one kind and one kind only, it was inexpensive enough, but the bottle is huge and a screw cap. I was a little leary whether it would be vinegary in the food since it wasn't high quality (I guess folks that live in my area don't want quality, but quantity if you know what I mean) but it did fine. Storing it in the fridge is another issue. The bottle is so big it won't fit in the door or on any of the shelves upright so I had to lay is down. I will just have to watch that it doesn't leak. I don't get my burgundy there usually, but I already had the meat thawed in the fridge and discovered the last time I made it I used it all up. Since it takes 90 minutes to cook, I didn't want to start it after Jack got home so I went with the stuff from this liquor store.

Susan: Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I can go to like Lowe's or something and ask one of their people to recommend something safe for pets. I did move the trash cans farther from the house too. It looked like the larva had just become flies because they were small and slow. I was swatting flies all day yesterday trying to get the ones that got into the house killed. I think I got them all and Butterscotch probably got what I didn't.

Jean: Sounds like Ryan is coming around, which is great. I know he doesn't like hurting, but it is better than not feeling so it is a good sign. I feel for his mom dealing with this alone as far as being the only parent. I always thought those halos looked like they had to be agony, but guess they aren't. It does kind of give you a headache to look at it though. I let our Sams Club lapse because they wouldn't ever take bank cards, but my sister says they do now so I guess I should get it updated and pay the fee. Like you, we would spend at least a $100 in there.

Everyone have a happy Thursday.

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