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Good morning all! I am having one of those grouchy days. Hope it improves as the day wears on. I seldom am really crabby, but I just feel really crabby this morning. I told the cat to shut up when he kept meowing at me this morning!

I have gotten a good bit of the baby's sweater accomplished. I don't really like top down sweaters, but I didn't notice that is what this was until after I had the hat already finished. I am not very good at casting on the end of the rows to make the sleeves or in this case the cuffs on the sleeves. It irritates me when I have trouble with something. I seemed to have gotten these on ok, but still...

We stayed in most of yesterday. We went out to breakfast then to the store, but the rest of the day stayed in and watched NASCAR then part of the baseball game. So, it wasn't very exciting here at our house.

Not much else going on. I need to get started on morning chores and cleaning the downstairs today. Have a good day today and keep cool!
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