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Default New chick's bio

Hey. So I like the Alternachicks concept and even though it seems to be a bit slow in here; that's cool, I'd rather be slow and comfortable in my surroundings than fast and weary. It's cool to meet you all and to be here with you sharing a common goal--health and happiness!

Name. Olivia, but I go by a range of nicknames. I prefer Liv; or at least that's what the tattoo says.

Age. 27

Home. Huntsville, Alabama. It's actually an alright scene..for Alabama

Work. Well, I am a full time student, editor if the school newspaper, I work at the campus library and tutor twice a week.

Weight. 167. The heaviest I have ever been, but apparently I look like I weigh more, because I told my new walking buddy and she gasped, "Really? But I weigh 167!" (Gasp).

Stuff I like. cats, books, books, books, ummm.. books, dialogue, ideas, meeting people I can learn from, nature, coffee, Dove's Love Your Body Campaign, humanism, laughter, philosophy, candles, sunshine, moonshine, art in all its forms, poetry, wine, the underground media, social justice, radical chicks

Stuff I don't like. fundamentalism, patriarchy, bigots, closed-mindedness, licorice, capitalism, ignorance, injustice, old white men in power.

Music. Everything from Beethoven to Tool. Hmmm, Bob Dylan is nice. Seriously this list could go on and on. I dig female singer/songwriters such as Ani, Tori Amos, Patty Griffin, Nellie Mckay, Joni Mitchell. Jazz. Hmmm. love me some jazz. Miles, Coltrane, Charles Mingus, and jazz singers like Nina Simone, Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald.

Books. Yes. And lots of them.

Tv. No thank you, I have a life to live.

Religion. No thank you, I have a life to live.

Films. Pan's Labyrinth, I Heart Huckabees, all of Darren Aronofsky's work, Life Aquatic, Reality Bites, South Park the Movie, Big Fish, Amelie, Hero, Moulin Rouge, ummm, so many movies, so little time. I am into documentaries as well. Just watched Who Killed the Electric Car, Sicko, Jesus Camp, This Film is Not Yet Rated.

Goals. To go to grad school next fall, to feel good about myself, to jog instead of walk, then run instead of jog. Screw size, I just want to feel happy and healthy!

Politics. I am not sure if there is anything to the left of me.
I am chapter president of the National Organization for Women in my hometown and am a feminist before anything else. Once we are considered human, I'll convert to humanism


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