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Default Another 3-month check

Not sure which of the bizarre little emoticons displaying themselves as I write this apply to prolactinomas. Can you imagine what that image should be? Yikes.

I went to my 3-month check and saw a different endocrinologist although he wasn't an intern and he was a good listener. My prolactin level went from nearly zero at my last exam to 24, which he claims is good, given that they purposefully reduced my bromocriptine dose to make me ovulate again and regulate me. This has basically occurred. He emphasized that weight, particularly as I am over 40 and all that crud, would take a long time to come off. His phrase was, "whether you gain it from this prolactinoma or another person gains it from too much pizza, it still takes a long long time and a lot of effort to get rid of it." I didn't feel like he was picking on me, rather attempting me to stop beating up on myself. The orders were for me to stay the course, particularly since there has been no weight gain at all. I still find it frustrating, of course.

Also, on my shrink's suggestion, I asked about anti-depressants. This MD was against them as they would all mess with neurotransmitters in some way, as does bromocriptine.

Any news from you all out there???
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