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Heather – I am glad you had such a nice outing with your hubby. There definitely has to be a balance there. It really sucks that he is gone so much of the time!

Jill – It sounds like you started the week of on the right foot! I hope they fixed the a/c. That used to happen to us in our old building and it was downright miserable.

Bbybear – You got up at 4:18 am? Ugh! I couldn’t imagine getting up that early. Now that is some dedication!

Ratkitten – I can have the same problem with ice cream things – even worse is when it is just a tub. It doesn’t matter if it is the Edy’s Slow churned low cal stuff, I will end up eating 4 servings of it, which kind of defeats the purpose. Now if I could do this only once in a blue moon, that would be ok.

Brenda – I loved the pics! You have come such a long way! I am glad you managed not to topple over and hurt yourselves.

Patti – Is there anything we can do to help you get back in the groove?

Ammi – 7 pounds is a bummer but it could have been worse. Your bike looks really sexy with all the orange, by the way.

Catherine – That is so great that you are starting to sing again, and what an honor to be invited to that chorus. That is so great that you have the mall nearby to escape to when it is really hot. I really shouldn’t take for granted being able to work all day in a nicely airconditioned building.

Peggy – Glad you have an explanation for why the weekend was so rough. It feels better when you can make sense of things.

Battle – Sounds like you are having a great Monday!

Sorry for everyone I missed. I didn’t go back to the previous thread for replies, but stuck to this new one.

I got all my extra cardboard into my car yesterday afternoon, even though it was raining. However, I totally overslept this morning and didn’t have time to drive it to the recycling place. I need to try and do that tomorrow. For some reason I am having a of a time getting myself up and out of bed in the morning. I wish I could figure out why. The one thing I can think of is that I NEED to take my vitamins. Can you all try and help me with that one? I need to find something that triggers me to do it every day. Since I don’t eat first thing in the morning (I either eat in the car or at work) then evening is better.

86 pounds down, now for the next bit - fourth short term goal (back to 100 down):
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