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Hi All,

Well itís official. I gained 7 lbs during my two week break. I wish I could lose it as quickly as I gain it Iím not down about the gain because letís face it, it was more than expected. What I am is angry at myself because Iíve lost count of how many times I have gained and lost that same 7 lbs this year. Itís time to stop it now. Time to lose and keep on losing. In an attempt to kick start my weight loss again Iíve decided to increase my exercise. Only by another half an hour, but thatís a start. Today Iíve done an hour and 15 minutes so far, plus 2 and a half hours of cleaning which I wonít count, so I still have 15 minutes of exercise left to do. Iíll probably get it done before tea

Ratkity - yep that bikeís as cool as it looks and twice as mean lol. When I bought it I pictured myself doing at least half an hour a day on it. I struggle to do 15 minutes!! So for the time being Iíll leave it at that

Great news that you had a better nightís sleep with the CPAP machine. How long have you had it?

Xena - no, luckily neither Sharon or I were effected by the floods, we both live on high ground. The flooding has been terrible though, especially as this is supposed to be summer. Today I am pleased to say itís another sunny day. Wow, thatís 3 in a row. I got all my bedding washed today, and tomorrow if it stays dry, dare I hope for 4 days in a row then I will get all my laundry done too.

Sorry to hear that things are stressful for you at work. Sorry too that you ate off plan. I hope this week will be a better week for you

Nancy - I LOVE butter. I bought some on the weekend and had way too many slices of toast with butter, my all time fave treat. Knowing I was going to be a good girl again from today meant I had to do what you did, I threw the remaining butter away. Itís just way too much temptation.

Battleax - I am sorry that you saw a gain. It is soooooo frustrating isnít it to see a gain when you really donít deserve one. At least there is one good thing about it, you are confident that you didnít do anything wrong, you didnít binge, you didnít give up the exercise, so you KNOW that 1.5 isnít a fat gain.

Great move putting the scales out of your reach, now donít go sneaking out to the car go get those scales back in at least until TOM has been and gone!!

SJ - thatís great that you have some lovely hiking trails near you and that you and the family often enjoy taking great walks on them. Do you have good weather a lot more than we do too? No point having such gorgeous places to walk if you havenít got the weather. Wales is pretty but the weather is UGLY

Catherine - OK I hear you on why your feet curl over the end of your pedals regardless of having those stirrup pedals. I wouldnít fancy riding my bike with skis on lol!! Do you think there is any way youíll be able to work out on a bike again without getting tendonitis?

Youíre right about the Hobson seat and how people can look at you silly when you try to explain how they are like a seat for each butt cheek. They do look like silly seats, but who cares what they look like as long as they bring the heavenly comfort that they do.

John - donít want to be a nag bag, but how come you didnít eat until so late on Saturday? I donít know about your body and metabolism, but I know my metabolism wonít work well if I donít eat at least 3 times a day. Werenít you starving by the time you got to finally eat?

Good on you for throwing out the last of the naughty food. I LOVE marshmallows, and in the scheme of things they arenít as fattening as other candy. My problem is that if I work out that I am allowed say 5 marshmallows, Iíll still want to eat the whole bag full. So itís best not to have that temptation in the house.

You do live in a gorgeous place, Iím extremely green with envy I promised myself that one day as my ultimate reward for losing all the weight I need to etc, I want to go to the States and tour around the place visiting all the places that people like yourself have talked about. Hubby is going to have to learn to drive so we can hire an RV to tour in

Glad to hear that your leg isnít as swollen now. Do you mind me asking what caused the swelling in the first place? When you said about how your skin doesnít feel as tight as a drum now it reminded me of how my legs felt after a flight to Australia. I have never had such swollen legs before or since, and they did indeed feel like they would burst. It was horrendous. I guess I should have walked around some more than I did on the plane.

Amy - yes it does make all the difference when the weather stays nice enough to go walking. I donít have a treadmill at home, but I do have the WATP DVD, so thatís my winter walking, or in this case, most of my summer walking too

Thanks for the compliments on my avatar pic. I love changing it as my weight comes off

LOL I donít know about me being slim, Iím a long way from that yet, but yes that torture device otherwise known as my spin bike will definitely help me shift those lbs. Well thatís the plan anyway.

How long until you get your snazzy new pink laptop?? Iíve seen one in my shopping catalogue and thereís just something very special about a pink laptop compared to the black ones Mineís a boring black one

So sorry to hear about those ridiculous bank fees you had to pay. They really stick the knife in as soon as you go even a tiny bit overdrawn donít they, and those stupid high charges they make you pay, itís just wrong. Iím so glad your BF was able to help you out, and Iím glad you are going to close your accounts with that particular bank. My hubby had a bank account that charged extortionate fees for going overdrawn. As soon as we got married I soon made him close that account and we stick with my bank and bank account which is much more people friendly!

Sorry too to hear about your dilemma with your friend. I think youíll find a way to be there for her but at the same time make it clear that you donít want to hear about her Ďguy on the sideí. If she doesnít love her husband and he is that awful to her, why doesnít she just leave him?? I guess itís not that simple or she would. Anyway I am sure youíll work something out

Glad you got the shifts you want with your work, and that after a bit of a problem your vacation time has been approved. I hope youíll have a lovely time with your sister and her family when they come visiting.

Heather - that sounds like a really lovely romantic picnic you had with your hubby while you watched a movie. Will he be home for a while now, or will he be travelling again soon?

Jill - sorry you are feeling so hot, I hope they sorted out the AC in work sooner rather than later.

thatís great that you didnít go to 7-11 of McDonaldís for your breakfast and that you opted for having a smoothie for breakfast, and have cottage cheese (yuck) and fruit to eat in work. You are on the right track now, and those lbs are going to start shifting again!

Bbybear - wow, now that is what I call determination!! Getting up THAT early to make sure you got your exercise in Well done. You felt proud of yourself and very rightly so!! I hope you can keep it up

Brenda - Those photos of you are amazing, you have lost SOOOOOO much weight and it really shows. I remember one of the photos, I think it was a birthday photo on your blog and youíd think that that was a different person. You look so totally different. Gotta say I love the pic of you and your man in your Ďbigí pants. Iíd love to do something like that with my hubby, but as heís got to lose some weight too Iíd have to be a size 0 for us both to fit in my Ďbigí pants

Patti - hang in there my friend. Every day is a new day, even if you donít do as well on one day as you would like, at least you are trying!!! And tomorrow is another day for a fresh start

Ok well I have finally caught up, and I am rested enough now to go work out on my Gazelle So take care all, have a great Monday and bye for now,



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