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I'm turning the big 40 in March, the past two months I pushed it and lost 11 lbs - part of the weight I gained back this last year after dieting. I was sitting around moping and feeling old/tired. Now pushing exercise and eating right I'm bouncing around, happier again. I have 15-20 lbs to go - my goal is to turn 40 fit. I figure we can either hit 40 and go downhill - or we can exercise, eat right so we enjoy our 40s on up and live to see our grandchildren grow. I have no clue how we got this old - friends I grew up with - it's shocking and a time warp. I found Nike '86 shorts at Ross and emailed an old high school friend, it can't be true, that's the year we graduated and now our shorts are vintage. I bought a few pair, wish I'd bought them in a smaller size as I won't need large for long - I hope. I've had people this last six months say I was "their age" and they were early 40s, before I gained the weight back everyone thought I was younger, especially since I have a small boy. So weight gain ages you, for me it's not the vanity as much as just generally feeling good about myself. This time around I'll knock the weight - then I'm heading for ultra fit. I found great inspiration in reading Oxygen and other fitness magazines. There are stories and pictures of women our age the fittest in their life, some competing. I want to be one of them one day. I used to be an athlete in school, I'm going to be again. Good luck, I'm in Colorado too, what town are you in?
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