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This is such an interesting discussion.
I'm currently trying to maintain. I started my journey almost 3 years ago and hit a low of 140 and am right now at around 144. I think it's because I haven't been exercising. I want to nip it in the bud, but can't seem to get my butt in gear. Anyway, this weight is comfortable for me, but 4 pounds can turn into 10 which can turn into 15....
Back to the topic...I notice I have times of the day when I am constantly hungry...usually morning to afternoon, then my appetite dips a little bit. I have a number of calories in my head that I've figured out maintains my weight around where it is, and that's 1800. (Maybe I should reevaluate, because if I'm not exercising, then maybe I should lower it about 100-200 calories). My issue is not the amount of calories I eat really, but the feeling of not enough control over the food. What I mean is that while I feel I can keep within a certain limit, there are times when I'm not really hungry enough to reach that limit and I eat anyway just because I've "allowed" myself that amount. Does that make sense? What I mean is that while I'm not eating enough to put so much weight back on, I'm finding I'm eating just to reach that quota, when I'd be fine on some days eating less. I just feel compelled to reach the quota and stuff my face because I feel like it even when not hungry. How do I get a handle on that one? I need to find a way to switch something in my head and get a new perspective. It's SO complicated and different for all of us!
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