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First things first:
Hoping- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!
10 POUNDS!!! That's a big sack of potatoes!
Sounds like you're feeling better.

Welcome TX Girl, Terri! You're welcome to join and use any 5 days you want. The reason I focus on Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, is BECAUSE they are so "not organized"! For me that makes it very hard to do things healthy, like, not eat the donuts that I ate this weekend.

Aside from the donuts, all the other nutrition was good and even as I put the donut in my mouth I was thinking, "Do I really want to do this? I'm going to have to admit it to Hoping, Slashnl, an Laura...I need to time things better so I'm not hungry when I'm so close to donuts..." In the end, I did eat the donuts. But I ate them slowly, I enjoyed them, and I set the rest aside (previously unheard of).

Weekends like this past one are very hard for me. I read the Harry Potter book from when it arrived (11am) to 6 am the next morning, allowing my daughter to play and watch way too much tv. But then my sleep cycle was all out of whack and that made the rest of the weekend difficult.

I'm "on a jet plane" tomorrow to go on a 2 week vacation. I've made plans to walk each day, the nutrition will be challenging for me, though. I'll also be out of contact with y'all. The support you provide me has done worlds of good.
Please keep me in your thoughts as we drive into August. I'll be back on the boards for sure by 8/9 August.

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