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Originally Posted by ladyinweighting View Post
Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note - all is OK. The "masses" are just bigger cysts on my ovaries than I had 5 years ago. Doctor said there is no ovarian cancer that would ....

See, just cupcakes afterall!! I had a mass in my uterus..that's why I had to have the hysterectomy. I never knew exactly what it was, but it wasn't cancerous either. I had a bladder lift while they were in there...So IF I chose not to, I'd never have to wear underwear again!

Theresa, Glad the MRI went well. I get claustrophobic, so I didn't enjoy the one I had at I had to listen to Willie Nelson on earphones...he was getting on my last nerve by the time it was over with...

I just got back from the gym and short shopping stop. I am so exited I just have to tell someone! I am going to a friend's house tomorrow evening and wanted to get a pair of black capri pants. I didn't see any at first and tried on a skirt. I was a very tight size 16 when I started SB in April. I could squeeze into a 16, but it pushed my tummy up into my throat (hence, I started SB!) So I tried on a 14 and prayed it would not be too tight. It didn't was TOO BIG!!! So I tried on a 12 and it fit and was tad loose! unfortunately it had a makeup stain on it, and they didn't have another in that size..but I did end up finding the pants I wanted..size "S" and on sale! (I think their S's must be big!)

And here I've been depressed because of the stupid scale. I think I'm throwing it away. One of the couples that is going to the dinner party tomorrow night is bringing homemade ice cream. With my new size "s" pants, it will be a lot easier to pass up!!
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