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Default Hang in there!

Hi all, I'm off today and wouldn't normally try to get in on this ancient computer I have at home, but I'm off today (said that) and in danger of going a little food nuts. You are my support today.

Laura, the scale will move eventually. Our bodies are just making some adjustments. I find it very difficult to be patient when I know 10 years ago, I could lose 5 pounds in a week. But logic says, if we lower our caloric intake and up our exercise, it will happen. Hold on to the logic and don't listen to your emotions.

Irregular menstrual cycles are new to us to so, like Cammie says, chart where you are and look for patterns. I have had my period for 10 days now and can't even say what's normal for me anymore. Water weight? Who knows?

Okay now - please celebrate with me.........

I have lost 10 POUNDS! 10 POUNDS! 10 POUNDS! Is it water weight? Who cares? I would change my ticker but I think my computer would crash LOL.
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