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Default The scale.

I totally understand. My ticker's been at 237 for probably a month, maybe more. Does that mean that I've strayed from my plan? (Yeah, a day or two, but nothing dramatic.)
I figure I'm going to keep at this ("doing the right thing for me"). It really doesn't matter when the scale moves. (I admit it would be SOOOoooo nice to get some postive feedback from the scale. But staying the same is better than going up.) Eventually, I figure it will go the direction I want it to as long as I stick with things.
As for the "feeling" you've got TOM, I understand-a little. I have PCOS, so, I've felt like I had TOM a lot, but got no period a LOT throughout my life. Unfortunately, it wasn't on any kind of cycle and was impossible to predict. It may be possible that your body is prepping the egg, just not ovulating as the hormones in your system decrease. (Personnally I use progesterone cream around day 18-day 25/26 in order to give my body the extra pop on the egg.) The cool thing is, at this point in our lives, we can chart our cycles and know that even if we don't get TOM, it's the right time to get it. We know what's going on.
Anyways, you have my support. You're doing a fantastic job of sticking this plan every day no matter what that darn scale says. (Personally, I think I'll be super disappointed if I don't see a change in 2.5 months, but I keep telling myself that's no reason to give up...modify, maybe, but I have to be consistent.)
You have helped me to be consistent by being consistent yourself.

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