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Personally, I had the surgery Nov. of 2005. I did a lot of research ahead of time nearly a years worth online. I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to find a good clinic, not just a surgeon and a surgeon with not less than 600 surgeries of this kind under their belts. The clinic was invaluable. A nurse was always available to my surgeons patients and we were well instructed ahead of time what to expect and the pit falls to avoid.
My surgeon had had this surgery himself years ago most of his staff had also had the gastric bypass so it was a good environment. Dr. Freeman has done 1600 of these procedures before I walked in and believe me I checked that out first. Also he had never lost a patient. I never had a problem thankfully. Like Atkins dieting the water you drink is vastly important. I lost 180lbs the first year. As I am in my 50's the loose skin is abundant yet I have to say it was when I lost 100lbs on Atkins. Being bedfast and very ill for a year brought all my efforts to and end. I had regained all 100lbs and some back. At 374lbs. I finally checked on Gastric bypass and am free today to live a great life because of it. BUT let me say this while I can eat most anything I want. I was warned to moniter my weight at least once a week and when I gained 3-5 lbs I took immediate action that is the key. As a result my body thermostat is pretty stable at 189. As I stopped losing weight on pupose and just maintained for some months to allow my body to adjust and skin to have a chance to catch up I have 30 lbs left to lose and have restarted my weight loss. I have now 190lbs and counting. I know I have to always be aware of my weight and never let it get back out of my control. I can eat far more now but choose to drink a lot of flavored waters which allows me to eat four or five small meals a day so that I do not overly enlarge my stomach. I could eat every half hour but I was prepared for that. I get busy for 20 minutes and the desire passes. Being prepared ahead of time is really important mentally, emotionally and most all to not sabotage myself.
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