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I am sorry I did not get back on last night after work...
When I did get home, I put a quick dinner in the microwave…

While my dd was on the phone with her brother, She then asks me do I want to eat at ds’s house?
Yes! So we went and had bbq chicken and a small steak on the grill.
NOT cooked by me! And We got to see our dgd. Took her for
a walk down the drive way. (carried as she does not walk yet). She like
cars! Likes to watch them drive by... loves to sit behind the steering wheel.

And gets so mad when its time to go back to see mommy and daddy.
Hopefully she will talk ( and walk ) someday.

Because we have to go by her reactions, to see what she wants.

They took her too a Hospital for splints to be made. For her little legs and hands.
These splints cost over $2000. just for the feet!

Thank God they have insurance that pays 90%.
The dr’s are saying that with the splints, she should be able to walk. I sure hope so.
Those little feet of hers hit the ground runing, and try so hard. It sometimes just breaks grandma’s heart. (me). The prediction for her walking is the age 3-4 yrs old.
She is so mentally ready to walk, run, fly, DRIVE. she loves movement.
I just know when she is older she will be on every roller coaster in the area.

Good Luck with the job interviews. I am sure keeping busy will help make your waiting easier.
Yesterday was a job day for me too. I went to curves to work out. When I walked in to put my shoes on… The owner came over to talk to me.
Out of no where she asked me would I like a job there!

I am seriously thinking about it. I will make a decision by Monday. Most likely I will take this job.

It is exactly one mile from home. not 10.
a few more hrs a week. and I will get my monthly fees paid for by Curves. Same pay.
NO holidays or Sundays.
They close on Sat. at noon.
So I will always have my time off when I really want it.
My son wants me to take it… So he can have his cook outs earlier in the day. Not at 7 p.m.

Enjoy that weekend trip. sounds so fun.

no worry about bragging on your kids. That is always the highlight of MY day.
You should be proud of them. How exciting for him to qualify for the races.
I have to say, I have never heard of a hospital without ac. That would not work here.
the patients would be dropping from heat exhaustion.

I think that the wedding you sister had, sounds delightful.
I like a non traditional wedding.
And what a lovely way to get to know your future family.

That sounds like a good work out. I have heard that is the way to get your heart rate up. Keep up the good work girl.

700 calories of chocolate sounds like it would have been right up my alley. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t feel guilty… Just get back up and keep running. It will work out if you are exercising and eating better the next day.

lucky girl, We have not had any rain to speak of about 2-3 weeks. We are officially in a drought here.
The news shows your area with all the rain now. I am so glad to live here though.
We rarely almost never, get tornadoes along the lake shore. I grew up in Huron county, in the farm areas, Tornadoes happened with frequency. They do terrify me.

I am glad to hear your dad has gotten moved. I hope it all turns out to be wonderful place. it’s a good thing for him… to have a daughter like you.
How long of a drive is it for you?
I don’t know much about the homes like that her, I have not had much family in them. I don’t believe my place of employment could be related to the homes down there, it is a small private place. with only abut 45 -50 people.
These are like renting apartments with help.
The residents have been complaining finally… The food quantities are getting better. It will take work.

Well I have to get a shower and get some yard work done, and water the plants, rain predicted, will believe it when we see it.
hugs to all off you. back later.

pics of my daughter and granddaughter.
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