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Wyllenn -- That's something I've been wondering about for some time, too. I sometimes lurk on a weight-loss forum in French, and I've seen a certain amount of people post stuff like "hello, I'm back, I was on ____ diet, but now I've regained part/all of my weight and am starting again". I know I can't exactly speak from experience, in that I'm not at goal weight myself and, who knows, I may very well regain it all (*does her best to NOT regain it, now that she's learnt more about the whole thing*) but what I know is that 'official diets' don't work very well for me. I need to be in control for the long run, and being in control in my case also implies being the one who decides what to eat. So I tell myself, maybe that's a problem for more people than just me. Maybe all the Atkins and Dukan and others, even with their induction/weight loss/maintaining steps, don't exactly hit home in the long run, because sooner or later we run into spots where we can't 'follow the program', and then what do we do? (Yeah, I'm losing my weight slowly. But in a way, I think it's good that I know that eating one cheeseburger can be counterbalanced by healthy eating in the following days, instead of squeezing into a 'perfect plan' and then go on a binge because it was too much along the all-or-nothing road. Not that I'd advocate eating a cheeseburger every two days, of course. )

I'm not saying that a structured program doesn't work, nor that nobody should use one to jump-start their weight loss and learn healthier habits (I used Montignac/Sugar Busters myself, after all), but... since we're in this for life, sooner or later we *have* to go further than pretty lists and do-what-I-say in order to maintain, right? Understand the very implications and processes, and learn to adapt to as many situations as possible, rather than rely on a plan and then not know what do out outside of it? Or so I think...
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